Norbert Remmel schreef:
> In my opinion, we have two people that have made great effords in the
> field of DOS memory management, Michael and Jack, both developing an
> independant piece of code only because none of them wants to talk to
> each other. And then we have the rest of the FreeDOS developers that put
> gasoline in the fire.
Just to correct this, the history is:
* XMS driver, by Martin Stromberg and others (FDXMS)
* FREMM386, never got out of planning phase
* HIMEM.EXE , by Tom Ehlert, based on some FDXMS version
* EMM386.EXE, by Tom Ehlert, based on a C'T v86 monitor program
* HIMEM and EMM386 improvements, by Tom Ehlert and mainly Michael Devore
* Jack's programs

and the 3rd major memory driver freely available (without cost) is UMBPCI

Both Michael & Jack are great coders and debuggers, but your vision of 
that working together is required, I don't share.


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