> For as long as I can remember, the FreeDOS front page has contained a 
> list of news items.  That was appropriate when we were a bunch of 
> developers, but it's not helpful to users who aren't familiar with DOS.  
> So I'll likely move the news items to a "developers" page, or 
> something.  The front page will be filled with a few paragraphs lifted 
> from "About", and a few paragraphs lifted from (perhaps) "Download" and 
> other parts of the site.  Not sure how I'll re-write that content.  But 
> the key is, everything a new user needs to know about FreeDOS should be 
> located on the front page.

That's a good idea. I wouldn't move it to a "developers" page, better to 
move it to a new "news" page.

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oZone-a GUI operating system for DOS,Linux,Win
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