24-Июл-2006 09:56 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Hall) wrote to

JH> If you would like a peek at the new design, it's at:

     If you wish feedback about design, I have ones. Browsed in Opera 9 @

1. At bottom, "FreeDOS webring" pane is wider, than middle column, in which
   it placed, whereas in "RingSurf" pane lines are wrapped:

| <white           | Site news archive >>               |          <white  |
|  empty           |------------------------------------|           empty  |
|  space>          |       FreeDOS WebRing                    |     space> |
|                  |       [ ... Random | << Prev | Next >> ] |            |
|                  |------------------------------------|                  |
|                  |     This DOS Net Ring owned by Jim |                  |
|                  |                  Hall              |                  |
|                  |     [ Previou... | Skip Previous | |                  |
|                  |             Previous | Next ]      |                  |

Easiest, what you may do, is move these panes below 3-column table.

2. I think, 3-column mode is bad idea: all columns are equal width, but side
   columns are much shorter, thus, after they "squeeze" middle column, this
   middle column now up to thrice times higher and enclosed by very big
   white (read: very contrast view) unused space. The more so, this makes
   not enough space for final panes ("WebRing" and "RingSurf").

I think, at least right column might be eliminated, by moving its
announcement contents at top of page, over menus and news. Also, left column
with menu may be reduced in width, but "Search" pane should be moved out
from columns (to top or bottom) to make more space for input field.

     BTW, I myself prefer to remove column modes at all: menus may be
implemented as rows at top of page. For example:

Home: [Report bugs] [About] [Links] [Mailing Lists] [News]
      [Software] [Web Images] [Webmasters]
Developers: [Developers Wiki] [FreeDOS 1.0 To-do] [Kernel/FreeCOM]
            [SF project info] [FreeDOS projects] [FreeDOS-32 project]


Home            Developers            Documentation
[Report bugs]   [Developers Wiki]     ...
[About]         [FreeDOS 1.0 To-do]
[Links]         [Kernel/FreeCOM]
[Mailing Lists] [SF project info]
[News]          [FreeDOS projects]
[Software]      [FreeDOS-32 project]
[Web Images]

     BTW, I now in process of preparing my own homepage.  :)

JH> It has a modern appearance: clean, simple.

     Me liked, except layout and pallete for side columns.

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