Talking about getting FreeDOS ready for version 1.0,
you might want to update your kernels:


contain the following improvements compared to the 2036test
file release:

- improved serial port handling: added ComInStat support to
   help programs which are polling the serial port via DOS

- VERSION= in config sys now works as expected
   Note: update your CALLVER (also on my homepage, ...soft/specials/)
   to enjoy some extra functionality related to that :-).

- FAT32 handling masks out the 4 reserved bits of FAT entries, as some
   people had nonzero values there, which caused truncated file access.

Note that 2036 is the "conservative" kernel: More modern but less
tested features can be found in kernel 2037, the testing/devel/unstable
kernel. The differences between the source code of both kernels are
quite big, but the differences in functionality should be relatively
small... Most changes involve things like the menu system, WfW311
compatibility, and optimizations, as far as I remember.

If anybody could write a summary of the differences, it would be very
interesting to read.


PS: I forgot my SF login so I cannot add the changes to CVS...
Anybody who wants to help with that...?

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