Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386/ are the files 
emmx221.zip, EMM386 version 2.21 memory manager, mostly executable files; 
and emms221.zip, source code files.

This release of EMM386 has a few fixes and changes, mostly directed to Qemu 
and FDAPM users, although those modifications are untested for that 
environment.  It also fixes a problem with an advanced EMS handle name set 
function, EMS free page reporting when using the deprecated EMM= option, 
and internal corrections that may affect a few people.  If you are still 
having problems with EMM386 2.20, version 2.21 is recommended.  HIMEM is 

Once more unto the breach...

EMS function 53h, subfunction 1, set name, was stuffing garbage in the 
system handle name instead.  Didn't break anything (the SYSTEM handle name 
is arbitrarily chosen), but it didn't work either.  As with the other 
advanced handle name functions recently fixed, this would probably affect 
just a few EMS 4.0-based programs, but it should work now.

When using EMM=xxx option, the EMS routines were double-counting the 
previously allocated pages due to the tighter EMS/VCPI coupling change 
recently made.  You could allocate what was reported as remaining, so the 
first allocation could pull the full amount of actual EMS pages, but any 
allocation following that double-counted, so it would only take half of 
what was really available.  Anyway, although EMM=xxx is not recommended for 
general users, it should give a good EMS free page report now.

The is-this-cpu-really-a-386-or-better-or-else-forget-it routine might 
actually work now that I've made Arkady's change.  Untested.

A couple of internal VCPI allocator routines weren't always getting the 
proper flag setting.  Since the default conditions didn't trigger the 
error, it usually didn't make a difference, but it under some conditions 
(typically low memory or smaller than default-sized blocks, near as I can 
tell), it could fail to properly allocate all free memory available and 
return an out of memory condition on VCPI memory allocated.  If you ran out 
of memory running a DOS-extended program and you don't think should have, 
this fix is for you.  One of those weird errors, you don't know why it 
never come up before and if it ever happened in normal conditions.  Me, I'm 
just glad it's gone, even if it never bit anybody.

I eliminated some debug code that probably wasn't hurting anybody.  It just 
wanted to live, but I killed it, because my blood runs thin and cold and 
the goddess of mercy has never walked beside me.

And what all the Qemu and FDAPM people have been waiting for, EMM386 now 
keeps original flag values except carry flag (status code) on INT 13h, INT 
40h, and (I added) VDS processing routines, per Japheth remarks on the code 
earlier.  In other words, RETF 2 is dead, long live IRET.  Don't know 
whether this fixes the problems with Qemu et al, but I'm hopeful.

Unfortunately, the IRET code changes are completely untested here, other 
than to say they don't smoke my computer, and VPC 2004 is still happy.  If 
you have had problems with Qemu, FDAPM, or VDS, please give it a try and 
let me know what happens.  Hey, that goes for everybody else 
too.  What?  You need motivation and positive feedback?  Okay, listen 
up.  Everyone one reading this message is the coolest, smartest, most 
handsome, nicest, bestest person to ever walk, roll on, or crawl terra 
firma.  And because you are the coolest, smartest, most handsome, nicest, 
bestest people to ever walk, roll on, or crawl terra firma, you're going to 
give me good feedback.  Yes?  Yes.  Man, you are great.

If someone knows an easy way to get Qemu and FreeDOS IMG files working 
under XP without having to burn/rip ISO's a bunch, flip floppies, or other 
major fooling around, let me know and I'll try it out here.  I am 
incredibly lazy and need streamlined setups for testing, i.e. updating the 
IMG files with each new change shouldn't take more than a minute or two.

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