>> I started the freedos install & seeing that assumptions were
>> splashed on the screen instead of information. I quit the
>> program, I thought, but it had already installed the boot loader.

That was beta9sr2 and not the current 1.0-preview series, I assume?

>> Please can someone tell me how to remove it.

You cannot, but you can replace it with another boot loader.

>> Incidentally is there any info on how to configure the boot loader?

To "configure" metakern, you copy various files together to
create a new version of the metakern,sys file... Not really
easy to do, in particular because if you only have metakern
itself, you would have to splice that file into parts first
before you can create modified versions. If you do have all
parts in separate files, however, doing things like adding/
removing/reordering menu items is easier.

This is a minimal boot menu, meant for people who do not want
to install a whole LILO or GRUB and who do not have the built-
in menu system of WinXP/Win2k/... either, so features of Meta-
kern are intentionally quite limited.

> what was your previous bootloader, bootsector or operating system?

As far as I understood the issue, he now has Metakern,
showing the menu items MS DOS / Win9x and FreeDOS, but
the FreeDOS item is broken because kernel,sys is not
there yet. So one option is to copy that file to c:\
to have a working FreeDOS boot option :-).

On the other hand, you can just boot a Win9x boot
diskette or CDROM and do a SYS C: with the MS SYS tool
on that. Then the menu is removed and only Win9x boots.

If the same happens with WinXP/Win2k, then the tool to
use is called FIXBOOT, as far as I remember. Note that
WinXP sometimes comes with REALLY stupid "recovery" disks
which just trigger a full reinstall of everything and
format your harddisk / delete all your files... Of course
you do NOT want to use such a disk. Instead, you want
to use REAL boot disks. I think WinXP calls that a
repair console and you have to create a set of 3 disks
(while WinXP still works ;-)) to be able to boot that...?


PS: Maybe we should add some info items like the above
to some sort of troubleshooting wiki page linked from
the download / install page! Anybody knows why wiki.fdos.org
(devel wiki) is down? fdos.org and the SF user wiki are up.

PPS: Such a troubleshooting page would also be useful
to let users and developers exchange knowledge about
known bugs and oddities in the distro :-).

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