I uploaded latest binary & source code of oZone ( 4.9MB ) to
http://www.flox.at.tf (should be avaiable in some minutes)
Just unzip it into a new directory.

What are the main changes? Windows users will be much happier ;-)
I haven't made many changes, but usefull:

The Navigator (Windows user would say Explorer) shows SIZE, CTIME, ATIME,  
MTIME and DATE of the files now.
You can sort the directory view by these new fields. And the tree is  
sorted by NAMES.
The Note-tool is loaded by default now.

Windows Vista Skin isn't included, because I don't know if it is legal  
(not my own images). If you have own desktop images or have made an own  
skin, I would be very happy to include it.

I think oZone is really usefull now. Please try it, I am happy about  
feedback ;-)


PS: It needs a mouse driver, cwsdpmi (included in FreeDOS 1.0) AND doslfn!
Florian Xaver

Webdesign, Sword (DOS GUI), personal site: <http://www.flox.at.tf>
oZone - desktop enviroment  f. DOS, Win, Linux: <http://www.flox.at.tf>
Blutrausch - Wiki zum Kultfilm: <http://www.blutrausch.at.tf>
Dr-DOS  Wiki: <http://www.drdos.org>

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