OK, here we have another off-topic post, but it does involve FreeDOS.

I put FreeDOS on an old computer going into a business that still uses DOS 
stations for their networked main business application.  But the business 
has changed hands, and all documentation and software installation disks are 

The problem is with the network setup.  The network software is Desk To 
Desk, a small network client-server product made by CBIS, which went 
bankrupt in 1994.  I have figured out how to use the installation program 
from an existing directory on the hard drive, but have not been able to 
successfully configure for the installed network card, which is a popular 
vintage 3Com ISA card, the 3C509 (but which is not specified to be NE-2000 

I would like to be able to figure out more about what existing drivers to 
select for various cards, and ideally I would like to figure out how to 
manually use a driver other than the ones offered in their setup list. 
(Unlike the MS-DOS Network Client, they don't offer an option to manually 
install a driver (NDIS2) not offered natively.)  I have just a couple clues 
to go on.  The setup routine refers to their drivers as NetBIOS drivers. 
The list of drivers offered by Setup is thus: 3C503, 3C523, ARCSM, BUSS, 
BUSS-MC, GENERIC, N-ETHER, NE-2000.  The installed driver for any selection 
is an EXE (e.g. NXNE2000.EXE).  The instructions for how to choose a driver 
for a given card is in the lost document "Appendix A of the System 
Administrator Manual."

I hope to find out that they were not doing something completely proprietary 
at the driver level!

Can anyone shed further light on this situation?

--John Hupp 

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