4-Авг-2006 11:40 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Devore) wrote to

MD> However, it appears that the entire intent of this scouring of source code
MD> and run of changes was to eventually force a conflict by taking offense
MD> where none was intended or to refuse a simple request because "it wasn't
MD> necessary".  Then branch off a new EMM386 the same as HIMEM, and stir up
MD> more trouble or to make some dumb point, as has already happened with

     But why you not make diff between yours and his sources and try to
extract, at least, most valuable changes? Especially diff is enough small.
I think, rejecting complete changes just because you not liked some person
or you not liked some change properties (like missing descriptions) isn't

MD> That's a pretty sad commentary on things.  Behavior like this is
MD> another reason I'm not terribly interested in continuing as maintainer.

     Michael, life wasn't and isn't perfect, :( don't accept this too near.

MD> But I and the rest of the FreeDOS users do appreciate the actual bugs found
MD> along the way.  Good job on that.


PS: 2Eric: if you wish, I may upload somewhere archive with patch for
EMM386, which makes EMM386 TC/BC-compatible (though, I post it already
here), and archive with batch and makefiles of build subsystem. Then you may
yourself decise, is it worth accepting or not.

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