>Check http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?n=FdDocEn.Gamers
>(this was linked from the start page of freedos.org in the past...)

>Those depend on your hardware. Unless you have a true non-plug-n-play
>SoundBlaster compatible soundcard, you WILL need either a BIOS with
>the option to support "Non PnP Operating Systems" turned on or some
>DOS PnP software (check the mailing list archives for Intel ICU).
thanks i will go thru my archive.

>Yes, if your PC has a PCI BIOS and a PCI bus, you can use
no theres no pci "sockets" :(

>find out. Otherwise you will have to ask ICU or a similar
>ISA PnP tool, because then you will have non-PCI sound.
maybe we can talk about this later tonight on #freedos

>PS: About FreeBASIC, it is no problem that FreeBASIC only
>works on 386+ computers. It is no problem either that it
>is more strict about some things than QBASIC. The REAL
Well u asked me about "comments" and thats the thing that catched my 
i am so tired that theres no good "old" software is avalible, only 
i know its importand to many ppl, but the reason i got into freedos was 
because i was looking for some NON-32bit software. if i would want 32bit 
software theres other systems like qnx, os/2, linux, coherent etc wich 
would do -imho- a better job.. but i am getting more and more off-topic.

>question is whether QBASIC programs run with FreeBASIC
>with minimal modifications. Because basically BWBASIC is
>missing so many QBASIC "library" functions (graphics,
>sound, conio...) that many progs do not run in it at all.
no idea about that (just read some stuff on the website)

thanks a lot and a nice day


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