chris morgan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 08/08/2006 11:15:36

# Please remove me from your list. I appreciate it!

I feel the need to forward on this gem from the Qt mailing list,
courtesy of Guido Seifert and Till Oliver Knoll.  It has been
appropriately modified for this list:


Forget it. You are trapped here forever. :-)

%> Look at trap

You see a trapdoor in the wall. Besides it there is a red towel.

%> Look at towel

It's a largish bath towel from Marks and Spencer. It looks like it has
travelled far through the galaxy.

%> Take towel

You have taken the towel. It has revealed a hidden lever.

%> Pull lever

With a noisy "eeeeekkksss!" the trapdoor opens. A hidden dungeon lies to
the north behind it. A few steps away there is something on the floor
which looks like an envelope.

%> Go north

You walk into the dungeon. It's getting dark. Just to your feets lies
the envelope.

%> Take envelope

You now have the envelope.

%> Open envelope

A note is inside.

%> Read note

It is too dark to read.

%> Turn on flash light

Luckily enough you have your flash light always with you (equiped with
infinity batteries). It is now bright.

%> Read note

It sais: "Please send your 'unsubscribe' request to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and follow

p.s. That's -REQUEST! Signed, the dungeon troll"

%> Ignore note

You are eaten by a grue.

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