Hi all,

I thereby announce DISPLAY 0.13b, a small patch over DISPLAY 0.13. Changes:
- The DR-FONT bug notified by John Elliot
- There was a bug with the CGA specific code
- The double-SELECT bug found by John Elliot is fixed too (it was a
variable announcing to hold words were they were bytes, sorry for not
removing the comment!)
- Some code is simplified in the PREPARE routines
- The documentation for how to contribute code for other hardware is
updated too, according to the changes in DISPLAY 0.13

The last documentation refers to the fact that you can now write
hardware-specific codepage management routines easily. You basically
write how big you need your buffer, how to select a hardwired or a
software buffer, and how to read if your hardware comes in a strange
format in a CPI file. The rest (commandline, buffering, hot-codepage
swap, monitoring, multiplexer and [pseudo-]IOCTL,...) are generic.

A popular request by many people is to have a DISPLAY /? option, but I
am reluctant to do it, as there is very little more to DISPLAY.SYS,
where it does not make sense.

However, I maintain and document well the HELP file, so
FASTHELP  DISPLAY should be your friend
(Oops! I should document HTML-Help too).

The original location is at (or use a mirror):

Enjoy that!

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