I've uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386/ the file 
himem324.zip, containing a revised HIMEM executable and source file changed 
from version 3.23.

This is an alternative version of HIMEM I'm making available for 
testing.  It is only slightly modified from the previous versions of HIMEM, 
in that it reorders the test for A20 control, so that the BIOS method comes 
after the FAST, PS2, and KBC tests, rather than being first in line.

Anybody who has a machine which selects the BIOS A20 method and then acts 
flaky, or anyone else who is interested or has nothing better to do, please 
give me feedback on whether there is any difference in your test between 
HIMEM 3.23 and 3.24.  Of course, if previous HIMEMs didn't select the BIOS 
A20 method on your machine, it shouldn't matter since the behavior won't 

Why, you may ask, is this possibly a good idea?  Well, in the last few days 
I've got a couple of reports from people who have machines which pass the 
initial A20 BIOS method test, but then fail later on and crash.  Yes, you 
read it right: BIOS works, then it doesn't.  Forcing a different valid 
method via HIMEM's /METHOD option clears up that problem for them.

Why, you may ask, is this possibly not a good idea?  Because the A20 stuff 
was already publicly tested a while ago with several volunteers on the 
list, and the current A20 method order was arrived at as most compatible 
for their machines.  BIOS theoretically should be the most compatible on 
all machines if it's supported.  That theory appears to have a hole in it. 
Or maybe this will uncover some long-lost subtle bug in BIOS method handling.

f you ever saw BIOS A20 control feedback from HIMEM, please let me know how 
it goes.

We can decide up to deadline enforcement on whether HIMEM 3.23 or the test 
3.24 is better for FreeDOS 1.0.  They're the same code, slightly 
rearranged.  I'd just like to avoid a startup problem situation for some 
machines which requires CONFIG tinkering to fix, if possible.

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