17-Авг-2006 19:50 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (John Hupp) wrote to

JH> KERNEL.SYS - 1.1.35 Build 2036, 2006-05-24
JH> HIMEM/EMM386 bundled download version 2.08

     Quickly update to latest EMM386 2.23!

JH> We are having trouble running a couple old networking EXE's under FreeDOS
JH> that run fine under MS-DOS 6.22.  They generate "Incorrect DOS version"
JH> error messages, even if you use VERSION=6.22 (or 6.2 or 6.0 or 5.0) in

     In previous version, there was bug, that VERSION= was change wrong
variables (os_major and os_minor instead os_setver_major and
os_setver_minor). I was fix this bug (along with many other CONFIG.C issues)
and this available in Lucho kernel version. AFAIK, Jeremy also fix this bug.
I don't know, if Eric includes this fix into its 2036 release. If you give
me link to where you get this kernel version (and its sources), I may check

     So, I recommend to try Eric's 2037 release.

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