Uploaded to 
is hopefully the very last testing distribution before 1.0 is released
(and that emm386 update to be available soon should come with it).
The new features are too many to describe, so you'll have to download
it and find out :-).

Aw well ok here are the new features:

- A spiffy updated installer compiled with OpenWatcom.

- The latest stable kernel updates

- Completely updated htmlhelp documents

- EMM386 2.23, DEFRAG 1.0, a bugfixed FDPKG, and the very latest quite
stable FreeCOM 0.84pre2

- Revamped batch files (again); setup can be started from (presumably)
any decent DOS setup as long as all of the files are in the root
directory of a drive

- When a user chooses English-only settings, DISPLAY and MODE are not
unnecessarily loaded in the default autoexec.bat

- Eltorito.sys AND XCDROM.sys are both used to access the CD-ROM when
booting from CD-ROM (in that order, too).  If Eltorito.sys fails,
XCDROM.sys will be tried.

- Mouses are enabled in powerbatch now (which also contains detection
to see if a mouse is available)

- A menu option in the default config.sys can load SHARE (to be able
to load Windows 3.1).

- Moved postset.bat to be called by postinst.bat (configures all
necessary packages, checking for dependencies along the way).

One of the last things to do before 1.0 is to make an official kernel
2037-unstable 'package'.

That's it folks :-).

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See ya

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