>> I ran your SHARE in DOSEMU. It indeed insists that the
>> DOS version is 6.22, and it does something bad:
>> 0439:0adb B452             mov     ah,0x52
>> 0439:0add CD21             int     0x21
>> 0439:0adf 26C6060303FF     mov     es:[0303],0xff
>> 0439:0ae5 FA               cli
>> 0439:0ae6 BE0C0A           mov     si,0a0c
>> 0439:0ae9 BF9000           mov     di,0090
>> 0439:0aec B91E00           mov     cx,001e
>> 0439:0aef F3A5             repe    movsw
>> ... uses the memory block which contains
>> the data structure to as a target for overwriting
>> 1 plus 60 bytes of data...

> it's not THAT bad.
> it's the List of List, which is sort of documented undocumented.

You misunderstand. That version of SHARE just uses the
SEGMENT of the List of Lists, to find the kernel, and
then overwrites hardcoded offsets in the kernel (not
looking at the CONTENT of the List of Lists at all) with
a bunch of hardcoded bytes. That is bound to fail on any
kernel except the MS DOS 6.22 one for which it was designed.

It might even fail on a MS DOS 6.22 for another language,
for example German, than the one for which that SHARE was
designed. I think it would have no point to try to make
FreeDOS behave "compatible" to that version of SHARE.


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