Aitor Santamar?a wrote:
>>   This problem occurs when using SMARTDRV.EXE (with write caching
>> enabled) from MSDOS 6.22 with FreeDOS.  Replacing either avoids the
>> problem.
>Well, thanks indeed for the reports, perhaps you could tell us too if
>you're using EMM386/HIMEM (or give your AUTOEXEC/CONFIG).

   Except for the config files, that's in my original report.
The config files are slightly modified versions of the ones
created by the 8/19 fdbasecd.iso CD.  I replaced the kernel, himem,
and emm386 (that that 8/19 fdbasecd installed) with the updated ones
(from 8/20). 

>For the regular user, this is an extra advice to use LBACACHE instead

   That may be the solution.  Does LBACACHE do write caching now? 


Michael Devore wrote: 

>At 05:15 AM 8/21/2006 -0600, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>    This problem occurs when using SMARTDRV.EXE (with write caching
>>enabled) from MSDOS 6.22 with FreeDOS.  Replacing either avoids the
>SMARTDRV is pretty particular on some machines.  I just pulled the
>following from the Microsoft site, it sound relevant to the issue.  Let us
>know the results. 
>Double Buffering and Bus Masters
>Certain disk controllers support a concept called bus mastering. This is

   Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll look into this possibility.
FWIW this PC *does* have 3 VESA slots.  I don't know if they could
support a busmastering IDE controller or not.  But that may be
irrelevant - because the multi-IO/IDE board that is connected to the
PC's hdd is in a ordinary 16-bit ISA slot (which AFAIK does *not*
support that sort of thing). 

   I was really hoping that this problem had been silently fixed by
all of the other work that has been done recently.  I was disappointed
when the same problem cropped up again - because that means more work. 

   So far I haven't done the work to isolate the problem to a
repeatable failure.  But I figured that I should send up a red flag
so that the rest of you could be watching for the problem. 


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