> There was changed (fixed) EMM386 so, that it now correctly preserves
> interrupt flag when calling INT15 - whereas CuteMouse 2.0 depends precisely
> on INT15 BIOS services. Before this change in EMM386, CuteMouse was locked
> (at least) in QEMU. This is why I recommend you firstly try latest EMM386
> edition.

Aha! That might be it. We'll give the newer version a try.

>      Let me rephrase: mice with Mouse Systems protocols can't be detected
> so driver always installs itself on first available COM port (with support
> of Mouse System protocol) if there are no PS/2 or serial mice with other
> protocols. To prevent driver installation when there are no mice at all, use
> /y option.

Oh! For whatever reason, we just didn't parse the wording correctly.
Thanks for the better explanation. I think we'll add this to our options
- it seems like it might be a good thing.

Thanks Arkaday,



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