Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386/ are the files 
emmx226.zip, EMM386 2.26 and HIMEM version 3.26 memory manager, mostly 
executable files; and emms226.zip, source code files.  The FTP-challenged 
may find the files at http://www.devoresoftware.com/emm386 .

EMM386 2.26 is really more like version 2.25.1, but we have enough decimals 
already.  Nothing major, 2.26 modifies the way the default NOALTBOOT option 
works to improve compatibility with some types of rebooting the computer, 
particularly with FDAPM.  There is also minor improvement in behavior when 
attempting to run HIMEM and EMM386 on sub-80386 machines.

Final comments follow:

As far as changes, the NOALTBOOT change was already discussed on 
freedos-devel.  FDAPM should be happier for the WARMBOOT or COLDBOOT 
options on some machines, and, if we're lucky, Ctrl-Alt-Del may work more 
universally in complex environments.  HIMEM and EMM386 now both state that 
80386+ CPUs are required on the help screen and they are UPX-compressed 
with the --8086 option, also as previously discussed on freedos-devel.

I am permanently off-list immediately following this post, unless I am 
e-mailed notice of a major HIMEM/EMM386 emergency or goof before FreeDOS 
1.0 release which requires my expeditious attention.  This is not a 
reflection on FreeDOS, but rather a simple statement of retirement from the 
job: I'm tired of working on HIMEM and EMM386, I'm done with my work, and 
it's time for me to move on to other projects.  If you will indulge me for 
two paragraphs, I have a few closing suggestions.  They carry no greater 
weight than anyone else's opinion here.  Perhaps less.

HIMEM and EMM386 could certainly stand a significant clean-up and rewrite 
at some point.  That said, major feature additions and changes should not 
be in the EMM386 2.x line, which, I think, should be declared a mature 
version.  Whether that means there will be an EMM386 3.x or another memory 
manager name/revision as next in line is really immaterial.  However, small 
updates, fixes, enhancements, and changes -- such as several of Arkady's 
changes, like the build DIF -- should easily fit into EMM386 2.x 
development and revision and are appropriate to incorporate.  I strongly 
recommend against making optimizations in 2.x which have operational 
side-effects and which depend upon applications always following a 
specification.  A number of the quirks and revisions in EMM386 and HIMEM 
have accumulated due to misbehaved programs tested over the years.  In 
theory those revisions shouldn't be necessary, but in actuality they are 
quite necessary for the programs to work.

For those interested in being involved in further development, Tom Ehlert 
is the HIMEM and EMM386 maintainer and holds copyright on the current 
code.  It is incontestably correct to ask him about his preferences and 
desired degree of involvement in future development on the memory managers 
before leaping in and changing stuff around.  I am confident that the 
talented people here can quickly reach peaceful accord on how future HIMEM 
and EMM386 work and releases should proceed.

For anyone who needs personal help or has questions concerning the current 
HIMEM and EMM386, or related FreeDOS and programming topics, they can 
contact me at my FreeDOS e-mail address: 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  However, please do not abuse the 
invitation.  I am not interested in the latest FreeDOS gossip or debate, 
even if it directly or indirectly involves me.  *Especially* if it directly 
or indirectly involves me.  Allow me my blissful ignorance.

Good luck and good work, everybody.  Ciao.

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