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Hi Aitor,

>As I wish to embrace other FreeDOS projects, there will be a small
>evolution through small evolutives in the 2.X projects (leaving maybe
>some for the 3.X series). I just mention some of the planned changes:
>- A first new release with lots of many more documents
>- Improvements in library file manipulation (UPX support to save space)
>- dynamic translations (as opposed to nowadays static ones)
>- supplementary loadable mappings (e.g. multimedia, apm, ...)
>- multiple layouts in memory
>- accessibility options
>- optional usage of XMS

Best wishes to the success of KEYB, you did great job making it better.

My own point of view, FreeDOS programs should better than MS-DOS old one (like
KEYB), not just a clone, now we have a lot of memory and CPU power, allow to
use a better UI, easier operation and a better speed.


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