i try to mirror the freedos 1.0 directory.
but whenever i try it the result is always diferent but no errors occur.

i looked at the two other mirrors thats listed so far on the freedos.org 
website and it seems they have the same problem.
i attached 3 screenshots since i dont know if the content would change 

http://www.riohealth.de/freedos1.png (ibiblio site)
http://www.riohealth.de/freedos2.png (the swedish mirror)
http://www.riohealth.de/freedos3.png (freedos.org)

as u might see is for example is "fdfullcd.iso" on ibiblio 153, but on 
the swedish mirror 56mb big (also one day diffence) or fdbasews.iso is 
on swedish 1,6 mb but on freedos.org 48,8mb.
or on freedos.org fdfullws.iso is 241mb and on ibiblio 13,4mb and so on

somehow i doubt that some of the isos downloaded will work at all. maybe 
thats not a good start to 1.0.

i know blair said only the fdbasecd is the "right" one, but why then 
"publically" offer the other under the 1.0 directory.

well back to my problem.. whats the "right" copy to mirror ? ibiblio ?

have a nice day


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