We had a "major" failor in our hardware. 3 Harddisks died at the same
time (well there it goes ur raid5). anyway never saw something like that.
the irc network was affected because on one of the nodes our i7c.org hub
was running.
i configured a new hub (balamb) and we r linked again. the only server
thats NOT linked is irc2 since its admin is on vacation (i already
emaied him).
anyway irc.i7c.org is a roundrobin in our dns so that u always get a
running one.
one last problem was that nobody was able to log into balamb since i had
a little config error, but thats fixed and everything runs smoth except
that irc2 isnt linked.
eric since you -for what ever reason- refuses to use domain names the
savest server would be for you.

another system that was affected was the emails. i think all mails got
send sucessfully to the backup mx but in case i wont answer to some of
ur emails pls send it again.

thanks a lot and sorry for the problems.


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