Bonn, Wed 06.09.06

first of all: thanks for making release 1.0! ;-)
And I just got fullcdws.iso (the largest one).

Currently I have MS-DOS 6.22, DR-DOS 7.03 and FreeDOS Beta 9 SR 1 on
installed my harddisk. Due to some compatibility problems I still boot
MS-DOS by default (f.e. BC 3.1 does not find include files when
compiling), but maybe these problems are fixed in the new FreeCOM, so
I will very likely update to version 1.0.
But how do I do this best? Does it make sense to specify the path of
my current FreeDOS version during installation? Or should I better
remove the old version and install it in a new directory? (I did not
do much changes on the configuration files, left out C:\FDCONFIG.SYS.)

However, this can still wait until tomorrow... ;-)


P.S.: under MS-DOS (MSCDEX) I cannot access any more than root
directory the CD! Could it be the image has been created without
Joliet extensions? I consider this a drawback.
In my opinion it should be possible to read a CD containing DOS
programs from every DOS system (even MS-DOS).

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