I just noticed that the FreeDOS 1.0 CD includes my Hangman game :)
I never thougth that it could be interesting to the FreeDOS project, but it's 
great you decided to include it!
I released a new version of the game, where fixed some minor bugfixes, done 
some "niceties", added many new words to the vocabulary files, added an *.LSM 
file to the package and (the most important) - released it under GNU/GPL 
licence with source-code available.

For those of you which don't know what I am talking about: Hangman is a 
well-known little guessing game for DOS. It have 4 vocabulary files included: 
english, french, polish and german (the german one is provided by Willy-Billy). 
It have very low hardware requirements: a 286 class processor and EGA graphic 

Available at http://www.the.killer.webpark.pl/en/hangman.htm

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste "Fox"

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