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The FreeDOS Project has reached the "1.0" milestone!

FreeDOS is a free MS-DOS compatible operating system.
Below you will find some of the important features of FreeDOS:

*FAT32 file system and large disk support (LBA).
*LFN support of Command.com and several tools.
*disc cache
*Easy multiboot with Win95-2003 and NT/XP/ME.
*New memory managers (HIMEM and EMM386) with support of new hardware.
*MSCDEX replacement (SHSUCDX) and a CD-ROM driver (XCDROM).
*A mouse driver with scroll wheel support.
*FDAPM - APM info/control/suspend/poweroff, ACPI throttle, HLT energy  
*A UDMA driver
*A media player for mp3, ogg, wmv... with built-in AC97 and SBLIVE! driver
*7-Zip and Info-Zip are included
*Editor with good text user interface
*Help program (is using HTML files)
*keyboard driver supporting many languages...
*Extended FDISK
*many many additional tools

 From homepage:
"We welcome new members to FreeDOS. You can help contribute to the FreeDOS  
Project by downloading our latest release and telling us what you think.  
We have a bug tracking system that helps you report problems and submit  
requests, and otherwise tell us how to improve FreeDOS. By participating  
in the development and debugging process, you help everyone."

You will find FreeDOS at http://www.freedos.org.

Florian Xaver

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