9-Сен-2006 22:39 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Aitor Santamarэa) wrote to

AS> My shame, but I am still not working in a new DISPLAY at the moment.
AS> Will keep it, though, for when I start with DISPLAY 0.14.
>>     No - this is because bug in UPX stub, which doubles requested memory
>> size (for COM2EXE converted programs). Thus, 64k of requested memory for
>> DISPLAY.EXE become 128k of requested memory after UPXing DISPLAY.EXE.
>>     And I don't hear that someone repost my analyze for UPX bug to UPX
>> maintainers.

     Not need to wait for next release - as temporary solution, you may
re-release current DISPLAY (with same version number or with increased
number), but packed by another packer (for example, aPACK). More smart
(and independent) solution (but UPX anyway should be fixed): reduce program
image size, by removing explicit buffers initialization (replace "0" in .asm
sources by "?"), and increase minmem= field in .exe header (use -s option of
COM2EXE). In this case, you may even omit exe-packing at all (because real
code of DISPLAY is small - packing need, because currently DISPLAY
executable contains initialization garbage).

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