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> Hi Markus,


> It's not dying, and it's not spam. These are misconceptions of people
> don't use newsgroups. Young people who are interested in low level
> open-source programming certainly do use newsgroups.

Sure, but PHP forums are taking more and more people away from USENET.
As for me, I don't think I'll be able to use web based forums instead
of NNTP any time soon. Newsgroups are so convenient.

> The "web" does not have the advanced information. The web only has the


> Check out the standards based C++ groups, then check out the PERL groups
> and their associated CPAN libraries, check out Apache, check out Linux,
> they are all better than what you can get on the web. People who update
> websites are just too slow, NNTP is fast. NNTP is the future.

I agree. The problem is that many other people must agree as well.
Maybe the day gmane will be spread across USENET (we'll have to wait
for the final version of Reticule),  more people will think like us.
Really, I think http://www.gmane.org is wonderful.


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