Good day, everyone:

Since FreeDOS1.0 has been released, I've been working on my detailed
procedure to add FreeDOS to a WindowsXP computer.  FreeDOS
can be pretty easily installed on a WindowsXP computer without
having to re-install WindowsXP.

I am looking for a volunteer or two to help with the new version
of the procedure.  It is easier now due to improvements in the
GParted program.  The whole process takes an hour or two and
results in a computer that can run FreeDOS or WindowsXP.

There is an older version of the procedure on (see fdinst091.pdf) if you would like
to get an idea what is involved.  The new procedure is a bit easier.

The CD to do this is about a 35 MiByte download.  Let me know
if you are willing to test this and help me refine the procedure.


Mark Bailey

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