this is not the "right" way to do what you want to do...altough it seems to work, despite any possible problems with FreeCOM

DOS has its own, more elegant, API for file/directory listing...look for functions findfirst/findnext...they should be avaliable on your C compiler...

On 9/18/06, Marton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Absolutely, the function is simple... just to see if two directories that
should have the same contents changed. Here it goes (hope it indents well):

int checkdir(void) {
    int i, filesize = 0;
    FILE *fp, *fp2;

    system("dir c:\\data\\base1 >c:\\data.dir");
    fp = fopen("c:\\data.dir","r");
    fp2 = fopen("c:\\dataorig.dir","r");
    fseek(fp, 0, SEEK_END);
    filesize = ftell(fp);
    fseek(fp2, 0, SEEK_END);
    if(filesize != ftell(fp2))
      filesize = -1;
    rewind(fp); rewind(fp2);

      int file1data = 0, file2data = 0;
      if(file1data != file2data)

    if(i != filesize)
      return 1;
      return 0;


This always returns 1 because the file data.dir gets cut so the compare with
dataorig.dir always fails.




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