> I would like to get Ashton Tate's old Framework III running on my computer
> with Windows XP. This seem to be possible by installing a virtual machine
> and on this DOS. From what I could find out so far, there are two VM
> freeware one from Microsoft (Microsoft Virtual Server 2005) and one from
> VMWare (Virtual Server). Note that the installation of the VM with DOS is
> only intended to get this one program running. Here now my questions:

> 1) Which of the two VMs would be preferable for this application.

Neither. You can use Bochs or QEMU which are both free and open source ;-)
But well, VMWare will work, too. As probably all others...

> 2) Once the VM would be installed, what do I have to do to get FreeDOS
> installed on it?

You can use the downloadable ISO (cdrom image) and load that as
a virtual cdrom into your preferred VM. Then boot from that and
follow the instructions to install DOS on your virtual harddisk.


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