Dear Chris,

Probably your BIOS does not support booting from CD-ROM, you will have 
to write the floppy disk boot image to a floppy disk using Rawrite for 
DOS, Rawritewin or dd if you are using a Linux/BSD hosted system and 
boot your 486dx2 from that floppy disk.

I installed FreeDOS 1.0 full on a Pentium 133 Mhz with Phoenix BIOS. It 
does not support booting form CD-ROM ether (because the BIOS frimware is 
too outdated). Even if your BIOS settings menu provides the option to 
boot from CD-ROM, this does not meant that it will actually work.

The boot floppy disk is your friend ;)

- Marti

> What computers does it work on with out locking up? 
> 486dx2 80mhz scsi2 and ide 16mb ram 500mb ide partition (80gb eide)
> It lock up when attempted to boot the install cd from external scsi cdrom.
> hris
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