Hi all, John Valdez updated his
FreeDOS cdrom label artwork collection,
thanks a lot for that :-)

You can get the 361 kilobyte ZIP file from his page
(until his bandwidth is exhausted, I hope we can put
up a mirror in our download area... ;-)) which is:


The file contains 3 JPEGs, which you can also download separately:

FDfront - for the front cover of your crystal case.
Features our big blue fish :-). 60 kB small. Text:

FreeDOS Operating System / come to feel free www.freedos.org /
INTERNET COMMUNITY / Harnessing the power of Open Source Version 1.0 Final

CDlabel - you can print that one on the cdrom itself or on a
sticker for the cdrom, if you have the right equipment... Text:

Support the FreeDOS Project by kindly sharing this software with
everyone in your community / FreeDOS Operating System / WWW.FREEDOS.ORG /
VERSION 1.0 / FINAL / For Distribution with any PC compatible / New or
legacy / free of charge / PC COMPATIBLE / come to feel free /
www.freedos.org / CD KEY: NOT REQUIRED / Fully bootable CDROM /
INTERNET COMMUNITY / FreeDOS is a Trademark of Jim Hall and is an
open source project

FDback - apart from some text which you will already have guessed,
this file features screenshots of DEFRAG, HELP and EDIT, as well
as quite some amount of text about FreeDOS 1.0 :-).

FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible
operating system that serves and promotes the freeware DOS
If you are like a lot of people you have a load of stuff in
your closet - stuff like old DOS games, spreadsheets and a few
other programs that used to serve you well until command line
lost the battle to the graphical interface of Windows(tm). But
those old DOS programs are still useable with FreeDOS. Save
your money and avoid chasing that mouse pointer on the screen.
Linux users can enjoy the tools of FreeDOS using DOSEmu. So
find some space on your FAT partition or get that old 486 from
the attic and start having fun with FreeDOS...
Use powerful tools like FreeDOS Edit 0.7d and Defrag to
enhance and empower your PC to get the job done.
Enjoy LFN support, easy multi-boot with Windows 9x-2003/NT/ME/XP,
FAT32 File system and large disk support (LBA), Media player
(MPXPLAY) for mp3, ogg, wmv..., supports AC97 and SB16, for
graphics Print screenshots in ESC/P, HP PCL or PostScript mode,
Cutemouse driver w/ scroll wheel support, disk support includes
SHSUCDX (replaces MSCDEX) and XCDROM (cdrom driver) and XDMA, a
UDMA driver for DOS - allows up to 4 hard disks!

This text is not perfect, as you can see, but already very
nice :-). I suggest to put a copy of the artworks into our
FreeDOS 1.0 download area and maybe update it with one with
even more finetuned text at some later moment :-).


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