Hi John,

> ... the GEM.BAT installed by GEM 6 bundled with FreeDOS
> 1.0 fails at CD \GEMAPPS\GEMSYS if you try to start GEM from outside the
> root directory (where GEM.BAT is located) on a pure FreeDOS machine.
> To work around that, do a search-and-replace in GEM.BAT to change all
> instances to CD C:\GEMAPPS\GEMSYS.

There are two oddities in GEM here:
1. it assumes that you start gem.bat from the same drive where
you have GEM installed and
2. gem.bat should be in, for example, c:\fdos\bin instead of in c:\
(which is sth. which the FreeDOS installer, not GEM, should tweak...)

The first issue should be worked around by using
CD \GEMapps\GEMsys
instead of only using the "CD" line. Because using
CD c:\GEMapps\GEMsys still does not force going to C:
Using CDD c:\GEMapps\GEMsys would, but would be FreeCOM specific,
so the better solution is to use the above two line one.

However, FreeCOM has behaved odd for me recently (since I updated
from 1.0 base to 1.0 full) - sometimes it just stops to run programs!
No error message or anything, just does not run the programs any more.
This might depend on whether doslfn is loaded, not sure. Any ideas?


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