Art Fore schreef:
> Giving up for tonight. Installed Freedos 1.0 under QEMU in SuSE 101. Go
> through the exersize of crating Freedos on the USB stick, it installs, I
> can boot it in qemmu. Pull it out, and put it in the laptop and boot,
> comes up with no OS. Cannot see any files on the stick with ls on either
> sdd or sdd1. When I boot the usbstick in qemmu, it comes uip C:. 
> How can I add files to the qemmu freedos image? Had no success on even
> doing this. Cannot see with ls either since it is a .img file. Can you
> really copy files to and from Freedos? If so, how?
WinImage 8.00 can mount harddisk images fine

Furthermore there's some tool from HP to configure flash USB disks to 
make them bootable. The Syslinux project should have some scripts as well.
Sorry for not being able to provide an URL to the HP tool at the moment.


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