Japheth, you use WATTCP. I've read somewhere in the help files that for DSL it 
is recommended to use BOOTP and LANTCP.CFG. I have tried your idea but got 
"tcp/ip unable to initialize" message (or something to that effect).

Using my configuration settings I actually seem to get tcp/ip initialized but I 
can't load any web page.

My starting page, indicates that tcp/ip is ok:


However, when I try to open http://www.bttr-software.de I keep getting the 
following error:


Also, what are the default settings for WATTCP.CFG. I changed them when trying 
out your settings but forgot to backup the original ones. Now they look like 

my_ip =
;my_ip = DHCP
;netmask =
;gateway =


> From: Japheth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I dont know what's wrong with your config, but mine looks like this:
> [tcp/ip]
> IP_Address WATTCP
> IP_Grab IP address set to
> NameServer
> AltNameServer
> Gateway
> AltGateway
> Netmask
> TCPconfig c:\dll\wattTCP.CFG
> and c:\dll\wattTCP.CFG is:
> ....
> my_ip = dhcp
> ;hostname = "" ; optional
> ;netmask =  ; mandatory if not using DHCP

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