Here is my "Lantcp.cfg" used to connect Arachne browser to the internet. The browser works
just fine, nevertheless, all comments are welcome:


mss=1452 (default was 512)

1) "Sockdelay" could probably be set lower on the new fast computer, not sure if it matters

2) More important is MSS. I assume that it is "maximum segment size", a measure related
to "mtu - maximum transmission unit". In that case the default MSS of 512 or 1024 is too
low for DSL or cable connection. To my knowledge, MSS = MTU less 40, and the values for
different protocols are as follows:

- DSL with WinXP PPPoE: MSS=1440
- DSL with RASPPPoE: MSS=1452
- DSL with router PPPoE: MSS=1452
- cable with router PPPoE: MSS=1460 (not sure here)


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