> Eric: in which way is Fdxxms better than Himem?

It was my impression from browsing around faqs and wiki last winter, when I was 
setting up 
FreeDos for the first time, that Fdxxms+Umbpci was preferred over Himem+Emm386. 
Maybe that has changed since then, I don't follow this list all the time.

> Eric: conduct more experiments and post the results: Rtspkt loaded/not loaded 
> high, with Fdxxms+Umbpci, Himem+Emm386 (novds or vds) ......

I don't really see any difference in Arachne's performance whether Rtspkt is 
loaded high or 
not (with Fdxxms+Umbpci). Unfortunately, other duties prevent me from running 
more tests. 
Regards, Lester.

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