HI Michael:

Once the USB stick is bootable, you can copy the DOS files
needed to the USB stick manually from Windows (or Linux).
If you have FreeDOS installed to a hard disk partition
somewhere, you could copy the files from there.  If I
wanted the full FreeDOS installation, I'd install it
to a hard disk partition first and then copy all of
the files on the partition to the USB stick under Windows
(or Linux).


Michael McStarfighter wrote:
> How do you install the full distro onto an USB flash drive / USB-HD? The HP
> tool doesn't work for this, especially not with an USB-HD. And everytime I
> boot the FreeDOS full CD with a plugged-in USB-HD or USB flash drive, there
> comes an "Invalid Opcode" and then it stops.
> So what to do ?

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