On 10/23/06, Lester <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Eric: hi, the dns on 192... can actually work - many routers/ adsl/cable 
> > modems can act as
> dns proxy, so using them as the "dns server" can be okay.
> I don't think my router could be configured to act as dns proxy and use my 
> isp dns servers:
> http://www.linksysdata.com/ui/BEFSX41/1.44.13/34_DDNS.htm
> http://www.linksysdata.com/ui/BEFSX41/1.52.5/Setup-DDNS.htm

 DDNS is not the same as DNS, if you configure your router's and
enable DHCP then when your lan pc gets an IP it will be provided with
the DNS information as well (basically the DNS servers that you
specify in the router configuration if your WAN IP is static or if
your whatever DNS server your router will have in other configuration
cases, like DHCP, PPPOE, etc).
 Your router may not act as a DNS server but it surely knows the DNS
servers from your ISP and it provides this information to you.


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