some time ago I've installed FreeDOS (beside the other OS-es), and it was
working fine. My disk has been divided in following way:

    Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type
    hde1        Boot        Primary   W95 FAT32 (LBA)
    hde2                    Primary   Linux ReiserFS
    hde3                    Primary   Linux swap / Solaris
    hde4                    Primary   NetBSD

But recently I decided to upgrade FreeDOS 0.9x to the new V1.0 - and that's
cause of my problem.

At the beginning, I made the installation starting from installing FreeDOS,
and then Linux and NetBSD has been installed. Of course, I'm unable to do
this in such way now - I don't want to clean the disk. I made the
installation from CD - downloaded from FreeDOS-mirror - but FreeDOS doesn't
boot, using GRUB, anymore. My GRUB FreeDOS-related section looks like this:

title           FreeDOS
root            (hd0,0)
chainloader     +1

...and it was working before FreeDOS upgrade.

I'm unable to fix this. I've found some tips using the Google - but none of
them fix the problem. Booting from CD and then trying "sys a: c:" didn't
make any better (although there was message "system transferred"). Now I can
only boot from FreeDOS-CD, and only then access DOS partition.

My question is, of course, what should I do to make FreeDOS boot like
before - directly from HDD, using GRUB?

I read the page
where I saw, that the FreeDOS' problems with GRUB are nothing new - first
messages are dated for 2003. I really can't uderstand, why the FreeDOS
creators seem to be ignoring this problem since 3 years - although it's
quite essential issue to have possibility just to install and run FreeDOS,
without a need to spend hours looking (fruitlessy) for the solution.

Is somebody able to help me?
                                pozdrawiam / regards

                                                Zbigniew Baniewski

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