Kenneth J. Davis wrote:
> charles wrote:
> ...
>> FreeDOS completely blows this off and refuses to access the drives 
>> installed using fdisk (Unless using the before mentioned set option) 
>> or xfdisk or format.  Since aspi8dos.sys should have taken the BIOS 
>> out of the loop here.
>> I did check using a Windows 98 boot disk to see if the problem existed 
>> there after loading the ASPI driver but there wasn't any problem.  So 
>> it sounds like a problem in FreeDOS regarding Int 13H.
>> Please tell me if I'm mistaken.
>> Charles
> Sounds like you definitely found an incompatibility; if you would not 
> mind, please try the FreeDOS kernel [boot disk] (using appropriate 
> version setting in config.sys if needed) and MS fdisk and MS kernel 
> [boot disk] with FD fdisk.  I would like to track down if this is 
> missing kernel functionality and/or how fdisk is accessing the disks 
> causing the issues.
> Thank you,
> Jeremy

This may be a complete application failure. MS-DOS fdisk works in 
FreeDOS before and after the ASPI driver is loaded. FreeDOS fdisk and 
xfdisk fail when running from MS-DOS.  However I can't mount the scsi 
drives in FreeDOS (I had formatted them in MS-DOS) is this still 
application or kernel or both?


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