Good day, everyone:

I have updated my procedure and bootable CD for installing
FreeDOS on almost any WindowsXP computer.  You can install
FreeDOS beside WindowsXP without damaging the WindowsXP

The key programs are GParted, for shrinking the WindowsXP disk
partition and creating a partition for FreeDOS, and GAG,
for selecting whether to run WindowsXP or FreeDOS.  These
are included on the free CD.  There is also a very stripped
down version of FreeDOS which can be used to install right
from the CD.

The download links will be valid for three weeks.

The ISO image is available at

and contains a PDF file of the procedure.  If you would
like the PDF procedure file, you can get it from

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who uses the procedure
so that I can improve it.  All of my computers boot both WindowsXP
and DOS!  I can do this in under ten minutes - it will take
you a bit longer the first time.

Mark Bailey

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