Blair Campbell wrote:
> both are not correct, as the second one would need to be prefixed with SET to 
> work correctly.

The source of the confusion is that PATH is both a command and an 
environment variable. The PATH command sets the PATH environment 
variable, but nothing prevents you from setting the variable with the 
SET command (apart from the different command line length limit).

IIRC when command.com parses the command line the first non-filename 
character is used to separate the command name from the command line 
(the space character is one of them), so the character = after PATH will 
break the command from the command line and will be put on the command 
line. The PATH command ignores an = at the start of the path list so you 
get the "PATH=something" syntax working. Other characters get the same 
result (for example "PATH,something") and other are put in front of the 
path list (like "PATH;something").

Supporting the generic VAR=VALUE assignment (meaning SET VAR=VALUE) 
could break old programs that use the = character for special meaning on 
the command line (such as old linkers and librarian utilities).

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