To clarify: Wattcp and Watt/32 IS a tcp/ip stack, but you
do not INSTALL it. Instead, programs contain wattcp as part
of their binary. All Wattcp does use the same wattcp.cfg
file, though :-). Note that DOS has no tcp/ip stuff in the
operating system that could be compared to the tcp/ip stuff
of Linux or Windows. This means that for example you have
to wait until your app gets a new DHCP lease every time
when you start it, because no central networking driver
of the operating system would be around to cache that.


> Wattcp isn't really a stack that one can install, really.  Yes it can
> use a global configuration setup, but each application must be built
> with the wattcp library to be able to utilize this configuration.
> Applications built with other networking 'stacks' require different
> configuration, obviously :-).

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