> This is Shane from OpenGEM :)

I know you ;-)

> I'm very interested in oZone.  Can you tell me more about the technical
> details?  How does it run, what limitations and advantages does it have?

oZone ist compiled with DJGPP (using the language C), so it has all  
features of DJGPP-programs like support of long file names or running with  
protected mode (DPMI 32). It uses the game-library Allegro, which handles  
VESA and sound (only some old soundcards :-( ).  It also uses a  
Windows-dll-like system. Programs for oZone can be loaded everytime and  
also libraries can be "linked at runtime". Maybe you know DLX? It seems to  
be a modified version of DLX. zlib is used for compression.

Also libraries for TTF-support, for PNG, for JPEG and for playing of MP3s  
(seems to have bugs) are used. All features of Allegro are possible...  
(bad thing, DOS support of Allegro won't be definite in the feature)

And I think, one of the main-features is also the file-navigator with  
directory-tree, directory list. Open- and Save-Dialog is also included.   
Other widgets like windows, labels, editor etc. are included too.

There is also disabled code for multi-threading-support, which seems to  
have a big bug. A program is avaiable, which is like a Builder in Windows:  
So you can Drag-and-Drop all widgets and wouldn't need to write code.  
"Wouldn't" because code-generation isn't developed at the moment. :-(
Unicode...Allegro supports it...but I haven't looked at the code... :-)

Bad thing is the size of oZone. main.exe itself needs more than 1Mb, if I  
compress it with UPX it needs ~500Kb. But I am happy about the features  
and I have 512MB RAM and a CPU with 2GHz :-)

I don't know all...because I have continued work from 2 developers. But it  
isn't difficult to develope programs, because many small program-examples  
are avaiable.

If you have special questions ask! ;-)
Florian Xaver

<http://www.flox.at.tf> oZone GUI, private homepage
Dr-DOS  <http://www.drdos.org>

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