>      May you show examples? Starting from minimal "void main(){}", then with
> printf("Hello, world!\n"), then something more complex? With OW 1.6:

a "dummy" main and a "hello world" main are utterly irrelevant if you want to 
compare size/speed optimisations (leaving CRT aside).

A "complex" sample is Jemm386 C part (it can be compiled with both MSVC and 
OW). It is still small model, but uses some far pointers, and OW is very dump 
with far pointers.

>      ?! Using 32-bit instructions in 16-bit programs may be useful, but this
> is another story. How this relates to difference in generating 16-bit code?

if this is another story, then why does a program benefit both in size and 
speed if you add the -G3 switch ("use 80386 instructions") in MSVC 1.5?

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