Florian Xaver schreef:
> You can also try shcdux+tools....I wanted to look for these tools, but the  
> page seems to be dead.........? :-(
nothing wrong with http://www.geocities.com/jadoxa/shsucdx/

There are utilies for replacing duplicate files on CD by a single 
instance and then symbolic links referencing to them.
That way you can put 4x Windows XP on a single CD for example.

http://www.wolfgang-brinkmann.de/bcdw/index.htm   for example,

or http://www.nu2.nu/links/



if I ever come around to it, it might be a nice idea to include a 
remaster script to the FreeDOS 1.0 CD so people can easily modify it and 
recreate/update the ISO.


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