> If there is [a floppy disk version of FreeDOS] where can I download it?

Yes, standard answer is:

SNIP -->
  Joris made a 8086 compatible variant -->
  of the updated first diskette -->
  http://www.bootablecd.de/test/ ( http://www.bootablecd.de/freedos/ )
  of the three diskette distro -->
<-- SNAP

...HOWEVER, it would be nice if somebody wanted to help to improve
the distro! In particular, there should only be ONE download, not
THREE. That might still contain 4 disks if you want a separate 8086
start disk, but it should also be possible to get the 8086 boot mode
as part of the normal distro and squeeze all into three disks :-).
If anybody wants to help, thanks!

PS: Also check

Note: The 3 diskette distro is just preinstalled FreeDOS.
To install on a harddisk, use the usual way: XCOPY the
files, EDIT config / autoexec, SYS to make bootable. If
you have no FAT partition yet (NTFS is not for DOS), you
can use a Linux distro installer or a Windows partition
editor or similar tools to make Windows smaller to make
space for a - preferrably primary - FAT partition first.
Such tools can do that without having to reinstall Windows.

Note 2: If you already HAVE any operating system with FAT
and networking support installed on the same computer, you
can copy one of our CD distro images into c:fdbootcd.iso
and then use the CD distro boot diskette to install from
VIRTUAL cdrom. Then you get all files but need no cdrom!

Please let me know which way of installing you will use
and feel free to ask when there are more questions.


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