Hi, sorry, I assume I can only reply via the list
as rfc-ignorant would still blacklist me...?

> when these efforts fail, they discourage both of us from trying
> to filter out spam at all.  I run my own mail server and the
> recommendation I have run into is to use the whois.rfc-ignorant
> blacklist.
> You are saying that making the source of email more
> identifiable increases spam, am I correct?
> > > blocked using whois.rfc-ignorant.org; TLD has no
> > > WHOIS server or incomplete data in server

Not really. When you go to www.denic.de or a similar
WHOIS page for Germany, you only have to read the
rules ("use whois contact info only for complaints,
not for spamming domain owners...") and then follow
some "yes I accept the rules", then you will still
get the full contact info. So source of email is
still very identifiable.

About the recommendation to use rfc-ignorant: A typical
SpamAssassin configuration would give 0.2 spam points
for abuse.rfc-ignorant and 1.7 for postmaster.rfc-ignorant.

Not sure how many malus points you get for whois.rfc-
ignorant, but saying "any mail from this country is spam"
is certainly a too strong reaction to "you have to read
and accept some rules before you can use WHOIS here"...


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