Hi Eurig,

> I'm hoping to dual boot FreeDOS / Windows 98 SE on it.

Our installer should be able to automatically set up
dual boot, but have a Win98 boot disk around in case
you want to remove the boot menu again.

> The concern I have is the Graphics Card. I only have an old low-end
> geforce based card at the moment and I presume that won't be compat

Well any VGA card / card with VESA support will be compabitle
with DOS and with most existing DOS games. Only a few games
were made for one particular card, but for those, you would
need exactly that card. Maybe your 3dfx games are among those.

> Unfortunately I also have a USB Keyboard / Mouse

That should be okay - if you can use them in your BIOS setup,
then DOS can use them, too. In other words, the BIOS has some
basic support to let DOS use USB keyboard / mouse just as if
they were normal PS2 ones. However, timing and overhead will
be worse, so for gaming, PS2 would be better. No special
drivers needed, just use normal DOS keyboard drivers and DOS
PS2-compatible mouse drivers for your USB keyboard and mouse.

> slowing the processor down for older stuff? And is it
> possible to access Samba using FreeDOS?

You can try MSCLIENT to access Win98 network drives but
other ways might be better. You can use Arachne to use
www, ftp, email and other classical internet things.

To slow down the PC, use FDAPM (uses ACPI hardware) and
try the various SLOWDOWN tools out there, for example the
oldskool.org/pc one. Most tools will just consume CPU
time in the background, but for example FDAPM will
instead halt the CPU many times per second, so instead
of wasting energy, you even save energy while making the
games slower and thereby more playable :-).


PS: Many non-ISA sound systems have bad support for DOS
games. You can try ForteMedia FM801 based second hand
PCI cards (CMedia is often far worse) or the SBLive/SBPCI,
although the latter have very heavy drivers. For just
playing mp3 and stuff, use MPXPLAY which supports AC97.

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